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Translate WordPress with wpLingua – Automatic, editable, SEO friendly

Translate WordPress with wpLingua – Automatic, editable, SEO friendly


An all-in-one solution that makes your websites multilingual and translate them automatically, without word or page limits.

The highlights:

✓ One free first language for non-commercial websites
✓ Machine translation API
✓ Unlimited number of translated words
✓ On-page visual editor for editing translations
✓ Customizable language switcher
✓ SEO-friendly: indexing of translated pages in search engines
✓ No coding knowledge needed
✓ Self-hosted data
✓ Open source, find wpLingua on GitHub
✓ And more!

🔥 One free target language

The first language translation is completely free for non-commercial websites. If your website is of a commercial nature (e-commerce, advertising, etc.), a commercial licence is available.

🧮 No word limits!

Don’t count the words on your website to decide which plan to choose, wpLingua doesn’t limit them! Simply choose the number of target languages and translate without counting!

🚀 Optimized for international search engines (SEO)

When you use wpLingua on your website, all elements of your content – even those that are invisible – are translated.

wpLingua is “SEO-Friendly” because it takes care of translating:

✓ Meta Title tags
✓ Meta Description tags
✓ Hreflang alternative links
✓ Meta tags for social networks (Twitter X, OpenGraph Facebook…)
✓ ALT attributes of images
✓ And more.

By optimizing indexing, we ensure that your translated pages are not only understood by your audience, but are also easily found by search engines.

🪄 Streamlined Setup Process

Forget about complex plugins to set up, wpLingua enhances the user experience of the multilingual world.

All you need to do to get started is request your machine translation API key, then play with the language switcher appearance options!

Let wpLingua take care of the technical aspects while you concentrate on creating compelling content for your international audience. Our commitment is to make multilingual capabilities accessible and easy to use for all WordPress users.

✍️ Tailor-made translations at your fingertips with our On-Page Editor

Although wpLingua gives you the convenience of machine translations, we understand the nuances of each language.

wpLingua allows you to fine-tune each translation manually if you need to.

Experience the fusion of automation and the personal touch with our visual on-page editor.

🎨 Fully customizable language switcher

The wpLingua language switcher is fully customisable. You can display the language switcher in three ways:

✓ Automatic insertion via predefined positions
✓ Using a shortcode to display it wherever you like
✓ Insertion in the navigation menu using the design defined by the theme

You can also control the appearance of the language switcher using:

✓ Switcher styles (dropdown, inline, block…)
✓ Predefined themes (light, dark, chameleon, etc.)
✓ Configurable language names (translated name, original name, language ID, etc.)
✓ Flag shapes (round, rectangle, wavy)
✓ Language-based flag choices or import your own flag images
✓ Adding custom CSS in a dedicated insert

With all these customization options, there’s no way your website’s language switcher will look like any other!

📖 Translation rules by dictionary

The dictionary allows you to define translation rules that apply when generating machine translations. You can specify words or sets of words that should never be translated, or define how they should be translated for each language.

🧭 Intuitive possibilities to exclude certain translations

Navigate the complexities of website translation with wpLingua’s intelligent exclusion feature.

Want to preserve specific sections of a page in its original language? Our system seamlessly allows you to pinpoint and exclude translations using CSS selectors.

If entire pages need to remain untouched, effortlessly exclude them by their URL. All of this can be managed with ease through our user-friendly exclusions manager.

With wpLingua, you’re always in command of what gets translated and what doesn’t, ensuring your website’s essence remains intact.

⚡️ The wpLingua API

The wpLingua plugin relies on our own wpLingua API, an integrated third-party service, to provide its machine translation functionality. The call to this Third Party Service (wpLingua API) is made when creating an API key from the plugin, during API key verification and when your website requests a new automatic translation (new texts discovered on a page web or request automatic translations from the translation edition). We invite you to consult our Terms & Conditions page for more information.


  • You can edit all translations of your website.
  • Easily configure your language switcher design with predefined options.
  • You can choose which flag to display by language or import a custom flag.
  • Once the plugin is downloaded, installed and activated, register your API key.
  • As soon as your API key has been registered, your website is multilingual. This option screen allows you to configure your languages and their flags, as well as activate the functionalities.
  • Customizing the language switcher, enable or disable auto-insertion + choose position or use the shortcode.
  • Define translation rules that apply when generating machine translations.
  • You have the possibility to exclude pages or parts of pages.
  • If you need, you can edit a translation directly from your pages using our visual editor.
  • You can access the list of translations present on a page, including those which are not directly visible (Meta SEO, texts, alternative images, title attributes, etc.)
  • All translations are stored on your WordPress website.
  • You can edit all translations for each languages.


  1. Download the plugin zip file and install it via the WordPress interface, or upload it directly to your plugins directory.
  2. Activate wpLingua from your plugins page.
  3. Navigate to the wpLingua settings to get your free API key and to set up your language preferences.
  4. Start translating your content!


What languages are available for translation?

For the moment the available languages are:

Arabic – Chinese – Danish – Dutch – Slovak – English – Finnish – French – German – Greek – Hebrew – Hindi – Hungarian – Indonesian – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Polish – Portuguese – Russian – Spanish – Swedish – Turkish – Ukrainian – Vietnamese

If you need a language, let us know using the contact form available on our website, we add languages as we go.

What languages are available in the plugin administration?

At the moment, the plugin is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. If you want to help us translate it into more languages, don’t hesitate!

Is it compatible with page builders?

Yes, wpLingua is designed to work seamlessly with most popular page builders.

How it works?

wpLingua intercepts page content and analyzes HTML and JS code. It discovers all texts, translates them and makes the pages multilingual. This approach ensures compatibility with most themes, plugins and page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi…

Is it possible to edit translations manually?

Of course ! Simply activate the translation editor on the page to make your changes.

What is the translated word limit?

wpLingua does not limit the translation of the number of words.

Is wpLingua compatible with WordPress Multisite?

No, wpLingua is not compatible with WordPress Multisite

Is wpLingua compatible with caching plugins?

Quite ! And it’s even recommended to cache your pages and translations to improve website loading and performance.

Is there a Gutenberg block or Divi/Elementor widget to easily display the language switcher?

No, not at the moment but in the meantime, you can easily display the language switcher wherever you want using our shortcode provided for this purpose. Simply copy and paste this shortcode where you want: [wplng_switcher]


June 13, 2024
J’ai testé à peu près toutes les solutions de traduction WordPress et WP Lingua sort vraiment du lot. Enfin une extension de traduction qui associe la simplicité d’utilisation, la rapidité de génération des traductions et la légèreté (votre serveur vous dira merci) ! C’est notre choix par défaut pour tous nos nouveaux projets !
June 13, 2024
Très bon plug in qui facilite les traductions. Il a été amélioré et il est aujourd’hui plus rapide. Très facile à utiliser même pour un débutant, je recommande
February 19, 2024
Au top ! j’aime bien la rapidité a laquelle il traduit les articles, pages ou produits e-commerce. Contrairement à d’autres extensions ou il faut obligatoirement traduire fiche par fiche. wpLingua fait le job en un claquement de doigts. Bravo !!!
February 12, 2024
Première utilisation et très très facile ! Installation, clé API et hop le site propose déjà les 2 langues. Incroyable ! Merci pour ce plugin, continuez !
February 3, 2024
Enfin une extension simple, intuitive et facile d’usage. Les traductions sont propres et complètes. Je le recommande vivement. At last, a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use extension. The translations are clean and complete. I highly recommend it.
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Contributors & Developers

“Translate WordPress with wpLingua – Automatic, editable, SEO friendly” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Coloring reviewed texts
  • Better translation for JSON in attributes
  • Edit page button on edition modale
  • Exclude comment content and author names
  • Better Divi Builder exclusion
  • Better notice for for incompatible plugins


  • Exclude /feed/ from translations
  • Better front editor compatibility with themes and plugins
  • Better compatibility with permanent cache (Redis, Memcache)
  • Better first registration pre-translation
  • Better management of bad HTML ending tag
  • Better management of HTML in text
  • Better help box in API feature options
  • Fix error with Query Monitor plugin
  • Add context on translation API call


  • New feature: Translation editor modal
  • Better nav menu switcher


  • Speed optimization:
    • Use WP Cache
    • Text escaping
    • WP_Query
  • On excluded URLs:
    • Fix redirection
    • Hide Nav Menu language switcher
  • Dictionary update
  • Manage non-breaking space before and after texts
  • Better management of the Fluent Forms plugin


  • New feature: Switcher in menu
  • Better admin UX
    • Review texts
    • Add help box
    • Message if user leave translation edit page without saving
  • Optimize:
    • In progress mode
    • Text escaping and replace
  • Better Divi management
  • Better compatibility with PHP under V8


  • Add x-default alternate link
  • Translate JSON in attriutes
  • SEO: Better @graph translation
  • Divi: Better translation
  • Emoji: Better translation
  • Fix translations with empty title
  • Fix URL when domain name start with a number
  • Optimize CSS
  • Translation list: Better UX


  • Fix translation in progress


  • CSS and JS files
    • Better minification and compatility
    • Add Map files
  • Fix flags files


  • New languages:
    • Arabic
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • Slovak
    • Finnish
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Hindi
    • Hungarian
    • Indonesian
    • Korean
    • Polish
    • Swedish
    • Turkish
    • Ukrainian
    • Vietnamese
  • Add flags for languages:
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • French
    • English
    • Chinese


  • New feature: Translation in progress message for admin and editor
  • New feature: Filter website translations by status (reviewed, unreviewed)
  • New feature: Edit translation status by language (reviewed, unreviewed)
  • Better parsing and content updating: Relay method
  • Better string detection for dictionary rules
  • Better file detection: Detect IJFIF files
  • Check compatibility with another activated plugins
  • Fix URL with anchor translation


  • Better UX: Options pages
  • Optimization: faster translations query and finding
  • Experimental feature: Translation in progress message (disabled by default, enable with wplng_enale_in_progress_feature filter set to true)


  • Translation rules by dictionary
  • Better UX: Register API key
  • Better UX: Options pages
  • Better UX: admin bar
  • Fix WooCommerce error on links getting


  • Translate meta twitter:description
  • New shortcode: wplng_only
  • Add message when plugin is activated but not configured
  • Fix arrow on switcher (theme: blur, style: dropdown)


  • Better JSON translation
  • Better JSON debug mode
  • New AJAX debug mode
  • Better register form
  • Better readme.txt and README.md files
  • Fix editor link class attributes
  • Fix error on URL translation (backslash on domain name)
  • Fix bad JS on translated page


  • Prepare SVN folders


  • Fix error on API key register


  • Review code
  • Review shortcode
  • Review some texts and HTML
  • Update plugin translations
  • Add default excluded element for translation : code
  • Add default excluded element for editor links : option
  • CSS: Better switcher margin
  • CSS: Hover effect for link’s editor
  • Better flags in admin


  • Options pages

    • Register
      • Set API key
      • Request API key
    • Settings
      • Original language
      • Target languages
      • Features
      • API key
    • Switcher
      • Theme (20)
      • Style (Dropdown / List / Block)
      • Language name (Untranslated name / ID / None)
      • Custom CSS
      • Auto insert
    • Exclusions
      • Exclude HTML elements by selector
      • Exclude URLs by regex
  • Translation post type

    • Edit translation
    • Status: Generated or Edited
    • Re-generate translation
  • Translate webpage

    • Text node (p, span, …)
    • Attribute (alt, title, …)
    • Dir attribute (ltr or rtl)
    • Body class (dir and language ID)
    • JS / JSON (Text / HTML / URL / Language ID)
    • AJAX (HTML / JSON)
    • Add links alternate hreflang
  • On page : Visual editor

  • On page : Translations list
  • On page : Admin bar

    • Access visual editor
    • Access all translation on current page
    • Access exclusion option if current page is excluded
  • Feature : Search from translated page

  • Shortcode

    • wplingua-switcher
    • wplingua-notranslate
  • Plugin translation

    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish