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Social Feed is one of the best Social Feed plugin to show your social feed from your social media accounts. Social feed plugin helps you to display Facebook feed from any Facebook page, show your twitter feed from your username or any hashtag, show your Instagram feed from your account, show your board pin from your Pinterest account.

Create one simple Social Feeds from one account or create custom social feeds from your all accounts. Create Social Feed to show your product gallery from Instagram. Create Social Feed from your twitter account to show your business tweets or Merge all accounts and create one social feed gallery from your Facebook brand page, Instagram photo gallery and twitter tweets your designs from Pinterest boards.


  • Super Simple to set up your social feed
  • 6 Feed Templates for your Social feed display
  • 4 Feed Styles for your social feed layout
  • Vertical Social Feed Style to show your social feed in a vertically in widgets
  • Blog Style Social Feed
  • Masonry Style Social Feed to show social feed in Pinterest like style
  • Create Unlimited number of social Feeds
  • Display social feeds from Public Facebook Pages
  • Display social feeds from Instagram Account
  • Display social feeds from Twitter Account or Twitter Hashtag
  • Display social feeds from Pinterest Boards & Pins
  • Display social feeds from VK Account
  • Create Multiple Column Masonry Style Social Feed
  • Select number of columns for Masonry Style Social Feed
  • Limit Caption Text (number of characters of caption text to show)
  • Ability to show only pictures in your social feed if you are using Instagram or Pinterest
  • Ability to remove the Social Icons from your feed if you need clean social feed design
  • Ability to Show/Hide Display Picture
  • Ability to Display specific number of social feed from your individual social media accounts
  • Ability to Show/Hide Post Date
  • Ability to change the Post Date language
  • 10+ Languages for Post Date (English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Arabic……)
  • Ability to Show/Hide Caption Text
  • Completely Responsive and mobile ready – social feed looks great on any screen size and in any container width
  • Display multiple social feeds on different pages throughout your site
  • Use the built-in shortcode to display your social feed
    Create Social Feeds of any or all your celebrities, family, friends, yourself, or businesses. Looks great on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices.

Add beautiful social feed with posts from all your social media accounts for your readers, customers & lovers.

The Social Feed Plugin embed your social feeds from all of your social media network on to your site within 2 minutes.

Social Feed Plugin comes build-in with responsive design to fit into your smaller devices like mobile & tablets.

With Social Feed Plugin, fetch feeds from username or from hashtag from Twitter account.

Social Feed Plugin is very light weight Powered by HTML5 & CSS3 to ensure unparalleled performance so your website load fast with Feed plugin enabled

Create Unlimited number of Social Feeds with unique customizations, Skins & Feed Styles from any of your hashtag or username of your choice of any public feed

Add Social Feed into your posts, pages, home page or into widget area using shortcode and your Social feed will show up instantly.

Receive frequently updates & improvements for Social Feed Plugin. With Premium, you will get every bit of new feature, skins, styles etc. in upcoming updates as long as you use the Social Feed plugin

Yes, 24/7….. Need Help! With our Quality Product, you’ll get Quality Support for our social feed plugin even with free version. Contact us anytime, we’ll do our best to answer and resolve all your questions & issues as soon as possible regarding social feed

Cool Features of Social Feed Plugin
* Vertical Style Social Feed
* Thumbnails Style Social Feed
* Masonry Style Social Feed
* Blog Style Social Feed
* Masonry Style Social Feed (Only Images)
* Get any public user Social feed
* Get any feed using hashtag
* Create Unlimited number of Social Feeds
* Get Private Social Feed by creating Instagram App
* Ability to get Number of Photos
* Create Multiple Column Masonry Social Feed
* Limit Post Caption Text
* Show or Hide Profile Picture
* Show or Hide Photo Post Date
* Show or Hide Caption Text of Post
* You can also Show Pictures only (no text, no Profile Picture & no Caption text)


  • Masonry Style Social Feed
  • Blog Style Social Feed
  • Thumbnail Style Social Feed
  • Social Feed Templates
  • Social Feed General Settings
  • Social Feed Accounts Settings


The easy way:

  • Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress.
  • Search for plugin “Wp-Social-Feed”
  • Click “Install”.
  • After Installation click activate to start using the Social Feed.
  • Go to Social Feed from Dashboard menu.

Not so easy way:

  • To install Social Feed via FTP
  • Download the Social Feed
  • Unarchive Social Feed plugin
  • Copy folder with
  • Open the ftp \wp-content\plugins\
  • Paste the wp-social-feed folder in the plugins folder
  • Go to admin panel => open item “Plugins” => activate Social feed.
  • Go to Social feed from Dashboard menu.


Q. Why do I need Social Feed Plugin?

A. Increase engagement between you and your users, customers, fans or group members. Get more likes by displaying your Facebook Page content directly on your site.

Q. Does the plugin update the Social feed in real time?

A. Yes, the plugin updates the feed in real time, and fetch the latest Posts instantly.

Q. How to add new Social Feed to your WordPress site?

A. After activating the Social Feed plugin, you’ll see the Social Feed menu in WordPress menu, click on it and you’ll see the Add New Social Feed button on the top of the Social Feeds Page. Choose your desired settings, and use the shortcode to show your Social Feed.

Q. What can Social Feed Plugin do?

A. Social feed plugin helps you to display Facebook feed from any Facebook page, show your twitter feed from your username or any hashtag, show your Instagram feed from your account, show your board pin from your Pinterest account and get your vk feed from VK account.

Q. Coding Required?

A. No Coding Required, just add the shortcode and you are good to go. You Social Feed Instantly Show up on your Site.

Q. How to show Social Feed in Post/Page ?

A. To show your Social Feed in your Post/Page, copy the provided shortcode from Social Feed settings page into your Post where you want to show your Social Feed.

Q. How to show Social Feed in your Widget Area?

A. To show Social Feed in your Widget Area, go into your Widgets and find the Text Widget, drag the Text Widget into your Sidebar area and paste the provided shortcode from your Social Feed settings page.


December 23, 2020
It seemed like was a good deal for social media integration. I purchased the Pro Plan for $99. The plugin is not working and what made it worst was that their customer support was not responsive. I have made several emails to them and they're not responding. What a waste of time and money! Beware, the developer of this plugin is only after your money!!! 24/7 Support as advertised was a BIG SCAM! DO NOT BE DECEIVED!
May 30, 2020
We purchased the premium version of this plugin. The plugin stopped pulling images from Twitter, we requested support several times with no response. We then asked if we could get an updated version of the plugin and 30 days later the author responded. There are much better social feed plugins out there, you should avoid this one at all costs and certainly don't waste your money on their premium versions.
January 21, 2020
I ask you about the premium plugin several times through the form available to have support and also through the developer website. I dind't have any answer!! I want to refund right now because we are completely dissatisfied with this plugin.
October 31, 2019
I ran into an issue where there is a mixed content issue. Unfortunately they don't respond to support requests. I noticed the last few questions hadn't been responded to for over a month, so I surmise they may be going out of business.
October 9, 2019
I bought this plugin in January 2019, it worked for a while but hasn't worked in the previous wp versions. I got in contact with the support who told me to update the plugin file but never sent me the actual install file even though I provided him my purchase receipt of the premium version - which was supposed to come with a 1-year support and update deal. So buyer be aware - there will be no support nor any real entity to complain if they decide not to help you!
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Contributors & Developers

“Social Feed | Custom Feed for Social Media Networks” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Very importand update, update your plugin ASAP.


  • Issue fixed where FB access token generation button does not work some time.


  • Some setting issues fixed.


  • Fixed 404 error, when user click the “Get Acces Token” button


  • minor bug fixes


  • Remove accessive files and the code.
  • Code refactored for the generation of Facebook Access Token


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Instagram Feed: Instagram Hashtag option being removed.
  • Hashtag Search information was retired from the Instagram API platform on December 11th, 2018.
  • Your Existing Hashtag will not work, We will be looking into Hashtag support and will keep everyone posted.


  • Fixed the issue where in some templates profile picture style don’t apply
  • Fixed typo mistakes in the settings page
  • Change the app id & client id to generate token for Facebook Feeds according to the plugin


  • NEW & IMPORTANT: To generate access token, now you can click the facebook button in the plugin to generate access token for your facebook pages to get feeds


  • See plugin documentation.
  • Removed excessive JavaScript from settings page.
  • Code Refactoring to make plugin better.
  • Added Documentation.
  • Added Rate us link.
  • Added Plugins Showcase.


  • Fix the issue where Twitter Feed takes too long to load or doesn’t load.
  • Important update so please update ASAP.


  • Very Important update so please update ASAP
  • Social feed card shadow issue fixed.
  • Social feed content underline issue fixed.
  • Profile picture issue fixed.
  • Issue fixed: Number of post content chracter dosn’t change.

  • Added Many New Feautres like,

  • Social feed card width,
  • Social feed heading text color and size,
  • Social feed content size option
  • Social feed content color option
  • Added 2 new profile picture styles


  • Fixed the Instagram Hashtag Issue


  • Fixed the issue where users were unable to Generate Instagram Access Token using button.
  • Added the link to generate your user id from your Instagram username.


  • Facebook feed not loading problem fixed.
  • Important: If you are displaying posts from a Facebook page that you are an admin of then it is now highly recommended that you retrieve your own Access Token for that page to avoid any API rate limit errors. Simply follow step-by-step instructions to obtain one.


  • **Very Important update, please update to keeep the plugin functional


  • css bug fixed


  • Fixed Pinterest issue where pinterest board pins wasn’t showing


  • Fixed an issue where social icons dont show on social feed cards
  • Fixed an issue when you Hide the Profile Picture and it does’t hide it


  • Instagram token problem fixed.


  • Instagram API problem fixed


  • Instagram Token Issue Fixed


  • Some minor issues fixed.


  • Some bugs fixed


  • Compatibility with wordpress 4.9


  • Some bugs fixed


  • Fix the issue where feed cards overlaps on eachother in chrome’s latest update


  • Minor bugs fixed


  • Increase the performance of the Social Feed
  • Increase the performance or js to load the Social Feed
  • Minor Bug Fixes in widget for Social Feed Templates
  • Fixed the css of Template 2 in Social Feed
  • Fixed Social Feed Icons, in which some themes, social icons doesn’t show up on sites.


  • Launched the Social Feed plugin!