Page for Random Banners


You can add (a) page(s) which display(s) banners at random.
Each time the page is loaded, position of the banners are randomly changed.

  • See the DEMO

  • You can try this plugin using example banners in /wp-content/plugins/page-for-random-banners/example/images.

(0) Log in your wordpress-admin and install this plugin and another plugin ‘Custom Post Template’, and activate them. ( See the == Installation == below ).
(1) See the menu, and open “Page for Random Banners > Add a New Page for Random Banners”.
(2) Using the TinyMCE, create a page that displays link-banners as Format1 ( if you don’t crate a hyperlink to images, please use Format2 ).

       Format1: <a href=""><img src=""></a>

       Format2: <img src="">

If you'd like to display the images completely at random, please standardize the format per page.

(3) Select a template at ‘Post Template’, “Page for Random Banners [Header Footer]”.
(4) Push the “Publish”.
(5) You can create a style-sheet for the page that you created by using this plugin. ( Add it to your header.php ). There is a example-css in /wp-content/plugins/page-for-random-banners/example.

::video:How to Use ::

:: 動画:使い方 ::


  • screenshot-1.jpg: How random the banners display.
  • screenshot-2.jpg: How to create a page by using the template, “Page for Random Banners [Header Footer]”


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/page-for-random-banners directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Copy the templates in /wp-content/plugins/page-for-random-banners/templates to your wordpress active theme’s directory.
  4. Download another plugin ‘Custom Post Template’ ( ) and install it, and activate it.

:: Video:How to Install ::

:: 動画:インストール方法 ::


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May 7, 2023: Added: banner-1544×500.png

Nov 2, 2022: Changed: for PHP8
Fixed: bug of 1.3.0


Nov 1, 2022: Changed: for PHP8


Nov 21, 2018: Changed: URL of our Catalogue


Oct 05, 2018: We noticed today that we had mistaken the version of WordPress. Sorry.


  • ‘page-for-random-banners.php’ l.84
    $post_types = rl_pfrb_headerfooter;


  • Modified ‘page-for-random-banners.php’ l.84-89
    If you use this plugin in any OLD version of WordPress, and if this plugin doesn’t run well, please remove ‘//’ below.
    When you run the version 1.0 of this plugin on the debug mode on WordPress 4.4.2, this plugin displays a debug message.
    If you’d like to run your WordPress 4.4.2 as the debug mode, keep ‘//’ below.
    //$post_types = rl_pfrb_headerfooter;